1. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the romance novels of Eugenia Riley and the research Eugenia has done, especially as it pertains to certain unusual, unknown or even wacky elements of history. This is also a social site intended to create a fun atmosphere as Eugenia gets to know her readers. Personal information may be included as long as the comments are kept clean and respectful, do not invade another’s privacy, and don’t lead the discussion far afield of the intended theme. (Forums for in-depth discussion of personal or social issues, politics, religion, etc., can be found elsewhere.) Citing of historical sources is welcomed. References to other romance novels may be included, but please do not post any commercial plugs/blurbs of your own products or works, or those of others.

2. Please, no nastiness, personal attacks, profanity, etc., in any of your posts. Keep it polite!

3. No spamming, phishing, advertising, etc.

4. Please honor the legal rights of others and do not infringe copyrights in making your posts! “Fair Use” doctrine under the U.S. Copyright Act may allow you to post brief quotes from historical or scholarly works, but all such quotes must be attributed to the proper source. Even information posted in your own words should be attributed to a source whenever one can be cited.

5. Please understand that historical fact and information cannot be copyrighted, and that any information you post here may be incorporated into an e-book Eugenia is compiling on trivial, unusual or wacky elements of history. Such information will be independently verified and either newly written or quoted from the original source. Although the blog itself will be referenced and acknowledged as a source, no specific attribution or compensation will be provided to the individual posters at Eugenia’s Trivial Treasury.

These rules are subject to change at any time, as the blog progresses.

By posting herein, you acknowledge that you accept these terms and conditions, and that any violation of these rules may result in your being barred from posting at Eugenia’s Trivial Treasury.

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